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Sponsored by: Environmental Defense Fund

President Trump's proposed budget demands the EPA's funds be drastically cut. But the EPA's budget is already about as low as it can get — it accounts for just 0.22% of the federal budget. The proposed cuts are so outrageous that members of the President's own party are speaking out.

"There's not that much in the EPA [budget] for crying out loud," said Mike Simpson (R-ID), the chairman of the House Energy and Water Appropriations Committee. "EPA has been cut by over 20 percent in the last few years. The discretionary budget has been lowered pretty dramatically compared to how it was in 2009, and it's under what Paul Ryan thought it would be in his budget," explained Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK).

We need to keep stoking this opposition on both sides of the aisle — because too much is at risk. Tell your members of Congress to protect the EPA.

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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing today in strong opposition to President Trump's proposal to cut the EPA's budget. This crucial agency, tasked with ensuring all Americans have access to air that is safe to breathe and water that is clean to drink, is already operating with limited funds, as its budget has already been cut by over 20 percent in just the last few years.

Americans want a strong EPA. A Reuters/Ipsos opinion survey released in mid-January highlighted that more than 4 out of 5 Americans want EPA's authority preserved or strengthened under the Trump Administration. Yet the Administration's current proposal cuts the EPA by nearly one-third, taking aim at their ability to support brownfields industrial site cleanup (slashing that budget by 30%), state grants addressing the lead epidemic (cut by 30%), and funding to help native tribes combat pollution (also cut by 30%).

We simply cannot allow this to happen. States are heavily reliant on the EPA's expert analysis and support. Without that help, they will be handcuffed to protect citizens.

Please fight to protect the health and safety of your constituents. Oppose these senseless attacks on the Environmental Protection Agency. Our communities are counting on your leadership.


Petition Signatures

Aug 13, 2018 Margie Hancock
Aug 13, 2018 Donna Holinej
Aug 12, 2018 Liza Ruiz
Aug 7, 2018 Sandra Backelund
Aug 4, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Aug 3, 2018 Bari Bowles
Aug 3, 2018 William Schultz
Aug 3, 2018 Kelly Smith
Aug 3, 2018 Glynis Simmons
Aug 3, 2018 VICTORIA hALL
Aug 2, 2018 Carmen Blakely
Aug 2, 2018 Anne Havard
Aug 2, 2018 Leah Helmer
Aug 2, 2018 marita hanse
Aug 2, 2018 Evangeline Miranda
Aug 2, 2018 Gail Canzius
Aug 2, 2018 Chris Nuzum
Aug 2, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Aug 2, 2018 Robin Blakesley
Jul 31, 2018 Deborah Martin
Jul 30, 2018 Mandy Alden
Jul 29, 2018 Wendy Green
Jul 29, 2018 Kimberly Flores
Jul 28, 2018 Monet Nagel
Jul 27, 2018 Cara Blazucki
Jul 21, 2018 Jeanne Bradbury
Jul 21, 2018 Roberta R Czarnecki
Jul 21, 2018 Susan Verser
Jul 21, 2018 Daniel Weinberger
Jul 20, 2018 Marie Louise Morandi Long Zwicker
Jul 19, 2018 Winifred Boyd
Jul 19, 2018 Carlos Cabanas
Jul 19, 2018 Beau Ryba
Jul 19, 2018 Nadine Duckworth
Jul 19, 2018 Barbara Turner
Jul 19, 2018 Laura Link
Jul 19, 2018 Stacy Ping
Jul 18, 2018 Patricia Lewis
Jul 16, 2018 doris gonen
Jul 15, 2018 Bushra Qureshi
Jul 14, 2018 Serina King
Jul 14, 2018 Lin Westler
Jul 13, 2018 Donna Salisbury
Jul 12, 2018 Ana Krznarić
Jul 11, 2018 Geraldine Hughes
Jul 11, 2018 Edward Hughes
Jul 10, 2018 Frenzzy Xarona Ewijk
Jul 9, 2018 Jordan Longever
Jul 9, 2018 Karl Zimmerman
Jul 7, 2018 Peter Miller

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