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Goal: 25,000 Progress: 2,135
Sponsored by: Environmental Defense Fund

It’s official: America's President is a man who once tweeted that climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese. He has vowed to dismantle the EPA, has promised to kill America's first-ever national limits on the dangerous climate pollution spewing from our coal plants, and has pledged to undermine America's international leadership by pulling us out of the UN Paris Climate Agreement.

It would be easy to give up, to lose hope, and to walk away from the fight. But changing the world has never been easy — and with a dedicated activist force, we will not only fight back these attacks; we will fight for the clean energy future that Americans deserve. We will do everything in our power to persuade Mr. Trump that he should listen to the scientific experts on climate change and recognize that a clean energy transition is already underway. America's economic future depends on embracing this trend.

As we face the reality of Donald Trump's presidency, you have a choice to make: Will you back down? Or will you pledge to stand and fight?

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Subject: I will not back down.

Dear EDF,

As we face a Trump presidency, I pledge to stand with you in your fight to climate action. I will strongly oppose any attempts to dismantle the crucial environmental protections already in place, and I will continue to fight for meaningful climate action at the local, state, federal, and even global level.

Because we cannot give up. Our only option is to keep moving forward.

In solidarity,

Petition Signatures

May 21, 2018 Elaine Becker
May 9, 2018 Lynne Minore
May 7, 2018 Angelina Manuel STAND UP AND FIGHT.
May 3, 2018 Linda Millemaci
Apr 29, 2018 Birgit Ditto
Apr 28, 2018 laura haworth
Apr 22, 2018 Bonnie Steiger
Apr 9, 2018 claudia alraun
Apr 7, 2018 Lisa vasta
Apr 6, 2018 Brent Pennell
Apr 5, 2018 Barbara Tomlinson
Mar 31, 2018 Nan Newall
Mar 30, 2018 Tallyana Knight
Mar 28, 2018 Megan Tunstall
Mar 27, 2018 Helen Smylie
Mar 27, 2018 Mark Hayduke Grenard
Mar 27, 2018 Laura Krause
Mar 26, 2018 Gina Lippa
Mar 26, 2018 Arthur Seligman
Mar 26, 2018 Lens Lucas
Mar 25, 2018 Janis Ciofalo
Mar 25, 2018 Kathryn Summerfield
Mar 20, 2018 Theresa Boisseau
Mar 19, 2018 Betty Kowall
Mar 18, 2018 Yvonne Tota
Mar 8, 2018 merrilee roberts
Mar 5, 2018 Debbie Conrad
Feb 26, 2018 Ken Stein
Feb 25, 2018 Kate Ague
Feb 23, 2018 Jeanine Smegal
Feb 21, 2018 Ms. Carla Compton
Feb 21, 2018 Jenny Fortsch
Feb 21, 2018 Ann Conney
Feb 20, 2018 renay lawrence
Feb 17, 2018 Isabela Calin
Feb 11, 2018 Sieglinda Preez
Feb 11, 2018 Lynda Kerr
Feb 11, 2018 Kati Sonnenburg
Jan 28, 2018 Virginia Lippert
Jan 8, 2018 Joy Smiley
Jan 5, 2018 Deborah Bell
Jan 2, 2018 Jo Ardell
Dec 19, 2017 T.J. Pitts
Dec 17, 2017 charmaine macdonald
Dec 16, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Dec 11, 2017 A Martin
Nov 22, 2017 Camelia Mitu
Nov 21, 2017 Gilberto Simao
Nov 20, 2017 patricia remollino

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