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Goal: 125,000 Progress: 95,568
Sponsored by: Earthjustice

The Arctic Ocean's pristine waters are in danger. No technology currently exists to clean up oil spilled in the region home to endangered whales, polar bears, seals and other wildlife.

Demand a more cautious approach to offshore drilling in the Arctic. Drilling in the Arctic isn't worth the risk!

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Dear Sec. Jewell:

Allowing oil drilling and development in the pristine and remote waters of America's Arctic Ocean is a risky and unnecessary venture. Government scientists agree that more data is needed to fully understand the impacts of an oil spill in this sensitive region. Given this, I urge you to rescind the Chukchi Sea lease Sale 193 leases and gather vital missing baseline data and oil spill response information before moving forward with leasing and drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

The rush to allow oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean puts a sensitive ecosystem at unnecessary risk. It threatens endangered and threatened species, as well as Native communities.

Please consider the impacts of your decision to open the Arctic Ocean to oil drilling. Just over a year ago, a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico devastated that region. Don't make the same mistake twice by opening the Arctic Ocean to unsafe oil drilling.

Petition Signatures

Nov 28, 2014 William Holsey
Nov 28, 2014 Diana Dillon-Smith
Nov 28, 2014 Michael Cavaliere Jr
Nov 28, 2014 Anne Hemmings
Nov 28, 2014 Cynthia Rosmus
Nov 28, 2014 Rosie Adams We have seen what happens when oil mixes with pristine waters, sands and ice - far, far, far too many times - and these are just accidents!! To set out on a deliberate mission to drill the Arctic is as indifferent to this as it is both heartless and cruel
Nov 27, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 27, 2014 domimique carlo
Nov 27, 2014 Paula hutton
Nov 27, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 27, 2014 sarah snoke
Nov 27, 2014 Jean Ledesma Oil drilling in the Artic isn't worth it
Nov 27, 2014 Angie Farmer
Nov 27, 2014 Kristine Frailing
Nov 27, 2014 rebecca trull
Nov 27, 2014 courtney barth
Nov 27, 2014 Lisa Niebling
Nov 27, 2014 mary hull
Nov 27, 2014 Kathy Shiroky
Nov 27, 2014 Ea Eilimo
Nov 27, 2014 Norm Seavey
Nov 27, 2014 ivana carrozzi
Nov 27, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Nov 27, 2014 adéla vaculová
Nov 27, 2014 maria joão catalão
Nov 26, 2014 Janie Carabello
Nov 26, 2014 rebecca macdonald
Nov 26, 2014 Emily Tenaglia
Nov 26, 2014 kim ornell
Nov 26, 2014 Tammy Traylor
Nov 26, 2014 Debbie Cascardo I always wonder, what kind of person can torture an animal like this. It is beyond acceptable. If a product needs to be tested , there are humans who could use the money and give a real review of a product. These so called scientists make me sick.
Nov 26, 2014 Kristina Healy
Nov 26, 2014 mirjam koesterke
Nov 26, 2014 Zoe Stergiannis
Nov 26, 2014 Mark Hayduke Grenard
Nov 26, 2014 Teresa Bledsoe Please protect
Nov 26, 2014 Larisa Long
Nov 26, 2014 maribel yague
Nov 26, 2014 Martin Lemos
Nov 26, 2014 Guadalupe Gamallo
Nov 26, 2014 Tonisha Webb
Nov 26, 2014 lynn ross
Nov 26, 2014 lori seedorf
Nov 25, 2014 Rhonda Banks
Nov 25, 2014 Judy Brey
Nov 25, 2014 Tracy Somers
Nov 25, 2014 Stephanie Richardson
Nov 25, 2014 elizabeth hall
Nov 25, 2014 Janis Ley
Nov 25, 2014 Amanisha Mead

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