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Goal: 25,000 Progress: 5,558
Sponsored by: Earthjustice

On January 20, President Trump entered office flanked by congressional leaders who have made attacking climate action and dismantling health safeguards their top priorities.

Climate change affects every facet of American life, from basic public health to extreme weather events to national security threats. Despite the fact that a majority of Americans, and even a majority of Republicans, support action on climate change, Trump refuses to accept the facts and take climate change seriously, putting the health and safety of our families at risk.

Trump and his team have said they will "scrap" the Clean Power Plan, "cancel the Paris Climate Agreement" and gut the Clean Air Act — a bedrock law that protects our environment, climate and public health against industrial pollution, and has been saving lives for 40 years. An overwhelming majority of Americans support these protections because they know that climate change poses an urgent threat to our environment, health and way of life. This election did not change that basic fact. Nobody voted to end clean air.

Earthjustice has been fighting for years — through administrations both friendly and hostile — to protect our communities and the health of our environment, and we won't stop now. Over the last eight years, we've made remarkable progress in the fight against climate change, with the Clean Power Plan, stronger standards to reduce dangerous pollutants like methane, and the Paris Agreement on climate change. Rolling back these vital protections is unacceptable and dangerous.

With anti-environment extremists controlling the House, Senate and White House, fighting for climate action will be an uphill battle. Trump has made it clear that he will put the interests of big polluters and dirty energy insiders above those of the American people. But with your help, we can both hold the line against rollbacks and continue to make progress toward clean energy.

The planet can't afford four years of climate change denial and rollbacks of climate progress. Tell Trump that you will fight to protect climate progress.

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Dear President Trump,

If you try to dismantle critical climate protections like the standards to reduce methane emissions and other toxic pollution, know that you are deliberately defying the wishes of the American people.

An overwhelming majority of Americans agree that we need strong leadership to act on climate change, and we need it now. Don't side with polluters and dirty energy insiders. Now is the time to move forward with critical climate safeguards and steps to build a clean energy economy that works for all Americans.

Thank you,

Petition Signatures

Sep 22, 2017 TJ Pitts
Sep 22, 2017 Mary Hunt
Sep 22, 2017 Carol Taylor
Sep 20, 2017 Fernanda Coelho
Sep 19, 2017 Alice Vance
Sep 19, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Sep 19, 2017 Blagovesta Zlatanova
Sep 18, 2017 Sanne Svilling
Sep 17, 2017 Helen Folkes
Sep 16, 2017 Lola Schiefelbein
Sep 13, 2017 Denise Griffin
Sep 11, 2017 Caroline Benedetti
Sep 11, 2017 Lisa Li
Sep 10, 2017 Luis Chelotti
Sep 9, 2017 Wanda Mahboub
Sep 5, 2017 Nicole Uhing
Sep 5, 2017 Diana Gauton
Sep 5, 2017 Kristie Hatton
Sep 5, 2017 Kristie Hatton
Sep 4, 2017 Jan Salas
Sep 1, 2017 Caroline Bird
Sep 1, 2017 mihaela gongescu
Sep 1, 2017 Laura Veneri
Aug 31, 2017 bos claudine
Aug 31, 2017 Benedetta Arcelli
Aug 30, 2017 Bonnie Clyne
Aug 30, 2017 Cindy Taylor
Aug 30, 2017 teresa click
Aug 29, 2017 Luna Grillo
Aug 26, 2017 Holly Black
Aug 26, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Aug 25, 2017 Brenda Calderon
Aug 25, 2017 Raquel Martins
Aug 24, 2017 Kim Gabel
Aug 23, 2017 Nikola zegarac
Aug 23, 2017 Lynn Thornton
Aug 23, 2017 Yael Saydon
Aug 23, 2017 Larissa -
Aug 22, 2017 Deanna Gomez
Aug 21, 2017 Brandon Woodward
Aug 20, 2017 dana newsom
Aug 20, 2017 Mary Webb
Aug 20, 2017 Melissa Bird
Aug 19, 2017 p hudson
Aug 17, 2017 Alexine Frank-Cooper Fight for Climate Action
Aug 17, 2017 Jessica Strutz
Aug 17, 2017 Apryl Mefford-Hemauer
Aug 16, 2017 Jo Johnson
Aug 16, 2017 Mae Yenter

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