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How would you feel if you were told your food was manipulated with genetic engineering? For most of us, the thought would be quite unsettling.

But it's not a myth — certain companies are trying to push the genetically engineered salmon agenda, hoping to start selling salmon whose genes have been manipulated to make them grow larger than their natural counterparts.

The FDA has said there are only minute differences between the two fish, but the fact is genetically engineered salmon hasn't been around long enough to truly understand its implications. Like any other fish, genetically altered salmon could contain dangerous allergens. In addition, no one is sure of the effects these fish would have on the salmon's ecosystem.

Sign the petition urging the FDA to understand the consequences of genetically engineered salmon before giving its stamp of approval.

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Dear FDA Commissioner is Dr. Margaret A. Hamburg:

It may not be long before genetically manipulated animal food products are sitting on our dining room tables. That's because several American companies are developing technology to alter the genes of certain fish in order to attain specific physical characteristics.

Genetically engineered salmon can be many times larger than their natural counterparts, thus the incentive for the experiment. However, this technology simply hasn't been around long enough to truly know the effects it might have both on humans and the environment.

Playing around with genetics and DNA is a dangerous activity that should only be done under the most informed of circumstances. We can't have genetically engineered salmon hitting stores until all implications have been explored and understood.

Please do not give your stamp of approval to this risky experiment until you have all of the necessary information.

Thanks for your time.

Petition Signatures

Jun 23, 2017 Dorothy Chandler
Jun 21, 2017 Leslie Ray
Jun 17, 2017 Paola Moretti
Jun 15, 2017 Ileene Mark
Jun 14, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jun 14, 2017 Elizabeth Bresette
Jun 13, 2017 Karen McHugh
Jun 13, 2017 Vaughna Vananda
Jun 13, 2017 JODI ABEL
Jun 10, 2017 Tina Flagg GMO OMG WTF?
Jun 10, 2017 Mary Towers
Jun 9, 2017 Beth Smith
Jun 9, 2017 Betty Kowall
Jun 9, 2017 Jo Beatty
Jun 9, 2017 Christy Kyriss
Jun 8, 2017 Léa Le Brizaut
Jun 8, 2017 Anne Olivares
Jun 8, 2017 jennifer pies
Jun 7, 2017 Tricia O'Brien
Jun 6, 2017 Maiko Kushida
Jun 5, 2017 Samantha Manso
Jun 4, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jun 4, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jun 1, 2017 Leah Santini
Jun 1, 2017 Yolanda Hershey
Jun 1, 2017 Sally Clayton I don't want to eat GMO's or serve them to my family. If the FDA won't ban this at least mandate labeling so people know what they are eating
May 30, 2017 Yahaira Lopez
May 29, 2017 Janet Pickard
May 29, 2017 Leslie Pfost
May 28, 2017 Susana Osorno
May 28, 2017 Claire Loridan
May 28, 2017 Debbi Weiler
May 28, 2017 Tammy King
May 28, 2017 Anthony West Stop this unnatural practice
May 25, 2017 Stephen Moyer
May 25, 2017 Julie Hansen
May 25, 2017 Marcos Carrillo
May 25, 2017 Denise Garner
May 23, 2017 Leela Beaudry
May 22, 2017 Lacey Smith
May 21, 2017 Connell Walker, Ph.D. Leave what God created alone, will you please? This is dangerous and disrespects nature and us. Animals are not yours to do anything you want to with.
May 20, 2017 James Deschene
May 20, 2017 Shirley Troia
May 19, 2017 Anne Bekkers
May 18, 2017 Monica Zias
May 16, 2017 Diane Beeny
May 16, 2017 erek king
May 16, 2017 Alyssa Walls
May 16, 2017 janice polito Leave me food alone.
May 15, 2017 Artur Xavier

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