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A simple social media search puts on display this reality: trophy hunting is posing massive threats to animal populations.

After losing close to 40% of their population in just decades, giraffes are now in danger of becoming extinct because of hunters and climate change.

Institutions like the Africa Hunt Lodge are allowing tourists to both hunt and harvest wild animals like the Monster South African Giraffe. On their own website, they boast about how anyone can come and kill these precious animals saying, "Year round we offer hunts for awesome trophy giraffe."

With such casual attitudes towards killing wild animals, it is no surprise that giraffes have now been categorized under the "vulnerable" status. If trophy hunting like this continues to be a business model and a popular attraction, more animals than just the giraffe are going to inch closer and closer to extinction.

If we want this heinous act to be stopped, we must call upon the International Union for Conservation to ensure complete protection of vulnerable animals. Sign below to help end trophy hunting of giraffes!

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Dear Director General Inger Anderson,

As the Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, it is your responsibility to protect the animals of our planet from extinction. With the power you have available at your position, preservation of vulnerable species should be paramount to the IUCN.

People are journeying to Africa for the sole purpose of hunting animals, especially ones that are particularly rare, for their own gratification and glorification. Hunting giraffes purely for sport and/or trophies is simply unacceptable. Many will argue that the cost of licensures for this particular "sport" help keep hunters to a minimum, but in reality any vulnerable animal that is killed for a trophy is putting the population in danger.

Unless more efforts are made to protect vulnerable and endangered species from being hunted altogether, the giraffe populations will continue to decline even further towards extinction.

Director, I'm begging you to please ensure that there is complete protection for threatened animals from trophy hunting.


Petition Signatures

Feb 24, 2017 Darlene Wolff
Feb 23, 2017 Suzanne Zahrobsky
Feb 23, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 23, 2017 Michelle Bond
Feb 23, 2017 Pamela Gibson
Feb 23, 2017 Ann Tzoumas Giraffes are beautiful vegetarian animals. Trophy hunters should be made extinct. All animals have the right to live. Animals don't trophy hunt humans. Maybe they should!!!!
Feb 23, 2017 Debbie Menez Humans are the parasites of this world. Trophy hunting is a prime example. Let's stop the killing so other species have the chance to survive.
Feb 23, 2017 Christy Chaney
Feb 23, 2017 Meredyth Phillips PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Stop taking the lives of our wildlife innocents! You will remove forever these beautiful and graceful creatures simply to DECORATE YOUR WALLS! You will never be remembered for killing these animals. You are cowards.
Feb 23, 2017 Rene Martin
Feb 23, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 23, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 23, 2017 Dee Feltman
Feb 23, 2017 Dreama Bir
Feb 23, 2017 Carol Milton
Feb 23, 2017 Gloria Cefalo
Feb 23, 2017 Lisa Bravo
Feb 23, 2017 Lisa Ennis
Feb 23, 2017 Maria Segura Stop the cruelty to these animals
Feb 23, 2017 Pamela Lambert We are loosing some of the most incredible species. Only we can stop it! Stop the killing! There is no sport in murder!
Feb 23, 2017 Jeanie Allison Where is your humanity...? We humans are responsible for taking care of the animals on this earth... we are stewards. Hunting them is inhumane- we are better than that... aren't we...?!
Feb 23, 2017 (Name not displayed) People suck, soon we will destroy every bit of beauty this world has
Feb 23, 2017 Linda Westall
Feb 23, 2017 Diane Teeman
Feb 23, 2017 Barbara Mather Save our Giraffes PLEASE
Feb 23, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 23, 2017 Leslie Henderson
Feb 23, 2017 Cathy Mackey
Feb 23, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 23, 2017 Deborah Roth
Feb 23, 2017 Cynthia Botsko
Feb 23, 2017 Herminia Mendoza
Feb 23, 2017 Kimberly Matdon
Feb 23, 2017 Kelly Shaffer
Feb 23, 2017 Ellie Weingardt Shoot yourself. Do something useful. Your family can stuff and mount your head to a dart board. Think of all the fun they would have.
Feb 23, 2017 Denise D'Elia
Feb 23, 2017 Donna Tadin
Feb 23, 2017 Pattrice Howe Please stop this!!!
Feb 23, 2017 Maria Pocaterra
Feb 23, 2017 Barbara Smith
Feb 23, 2017 Linda Adams
Feb 23, 2017 Eileen Volosin
Feb 23, 2017 Karen Hewelt Extinct is forever!
Feb 23, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 23, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 23, 2017 Bonnie Allred
Feb 23, 2017 Marjorie Wilburn
Feb 23, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 23, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Feb 23, 2017 Sherice Norred

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