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The 1972 Clean Water Act prohibited mining companies from dumping their waste into rivers, lakes, and streams. But a Bush-era initiative created a loophole that allowed miners to begin using public waterways as waste dumps.

Mining companies are taking advantage of the loophole and dumping their toxic waste into America's bodies of water—fueling pollution and creating monumental health problems for both humans and animals. Sign the petition telling EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to close the loophole.

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Dear EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson:

I find it appalling that, despite the knowledge of global warming, the United States government is still allowing waste to be dumped into our public waterways. The Clean Water Act of 1972 was enacted to prohibit the polluting of lakes, rivers, and streams. Yet the Bush administration created a loophole in the law, which has made it so that mining companies are no longer sanctioned from dumping their waste.

This loophole one of the most irresponsible governmental initiatives I've seen, as water pollution doesn't just affect its surrounding communities, it affects the whole world. Creating the loophole means that the government is simply endorsing global warming, and worse, contributing to it.

Mining waste, like any other toxic material, belongs in its right place—and it's not in our waterways. Please work toward closing the loophole and ensuring our health won't be affected by mining waste.


Petition Signatures

Jan 7, 2018 eric archambault
Dec 19, 2017 T.J. Pitts
Dec 13, 2017 Mr and Mrs Richard N. Huff
Nov 21, 2017 Gerri Petersen
Nov 20, 2017 patricia remollino
Nov 19, 2017 Stacey Govito
Nov 19, 2017 naomi sobo
Nov 18, 2017 Karrie Vukelic
Nov 13, 2017 Erika Somlai
Nov 11, 2017 Chittaranjan Reddy
Nov 11, 2017 geri perry
Nov 10, 2017 tami mccready
Nov 7, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 6, 2017 Maryanne Preli
Nov 6, 2017 Margaret Conti
Nov 3, 2017 Cathy Dennler
Nov 2, 2017 carol king
Nov 2, 2017 Lajeanne Leveton
Nov 2, 2017 Denise Saccone
Nov 1, 2017 Barbara Hrybinczak
Oct 31, 2017 bobbette bross
Oct 29, 2017 Patty Langford PROTECT OUR WATERS!
Oct 29, 2017 Angie McCaughey
Oct 29, 2017 Eric Maxwell
Oct 28, 2017 Deborah Moore
Oct 26, 2017 Kimberly Wallace
Oct 26, 2017 Dorothy Henry
Oct 25, 2017 r vanstien
Oct 23, 2017 June Curley
Oct 23, 2017 Arnold Cabral Call your Senators and Representative contact the Veteran Affairs Committee passed a New Veteran Disabled Benefit who is collecting 100 percent service connected get free G4 implants from a Cosmetic Dentistry Dentist.
Oct 21, 2017 Marjorie Vickers STOP RIGHT NOW!!!!!
Oct 18, 2017 doris gonen
Oct 16, 2017 Brent Pennell
Oct 14, 2017 Edward FLOUNOY
Oct 14, 2017 Karl-Heinz Braun
Oct 13, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Oct 13, 2017 Roseann Maziarek
Oct 13, 2017 Silva Kruzic
Oct 13, 2017 Julie Brickell
Oct 13, 2017 Donna Partin
Oct 12, 2017 Jodi Ford
Oct 9, 2017 Susan Fisher
Oct 3, 2017 Morgan MacConaugha-Snyder
Oct 3, 2017 Richard Petryk
Oct 2, 2017 Terri Robb
Oct 2, 2017 michelle kaehny
Oct 2, 2017 Jodi Landowski
Oct 1, 2017 Laurence Volbart
Sep 29, 2017 Sherryll Shaddock

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