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11/10/11: 26,342 signatures sent to Shell headquarters. Please continue to sign for this important cause if you haven't already!
Goal: 50,000 Progress: 31,885
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The oil industry is at it again. Oil giant Shell is planning to conduct coalbed methane drilling in a beautiful and remote area of British Columbia called the Sacred Headwaters. If completed, Shell will construct a network of gas wells that would underlie a large portion of the Headwaters.

Coalbed methane developments have grave impacts for the environment. Methane drilling can contaminate groundwater and disturb natural ecosystems — like the one at the Sacred Headwaters that's home to salmon, caribou, and wolves. And not only is it home to precious animal life, the Sacred Headwaters was declared one of British Columbia's most endangered rivers.

The Sacred Headwaters are home to countless species of invaluable plants and animals. We can't allow big oil conglomerates like Shell to operate in areas that should only be preserved.

Write to Shell executives imploring them to take their toxic drilling elsewhere.

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Dear Shell executives,

I was shocked to learn of the coalbed methane drilling Shell is planning to expand in the Sacred Headwaters of British Columbia.

The Sacred Headwaters is home to precious salmon breeding grounds, as well as majestic species such as caribou, wolves, bears, and moose. The area is one of the most pristine and dazzling sights Canada has to offer.

Yet profit alone is what is driving your company to risk the safety and unadulterated beauty of this landscape. Shell's plans to move forward with coalbed methane drilling in the region threaten local residents and plants and animals alike.

Coalbed drilling has vast and worrisome implications for the surrounding environment and ecosystems. We cannot allow Shell to take advantage of the Sacred Headwaters. We must protect this precious land and keep it out of the hands of big oil.

Please do the right thing for the environment and cease all plans to drill in the Sacred Headwaters.

Thank you.

Petition Signatures

Jun 24, 2017 Nathan Fisher
Jun 24, 2017 Camelia Mitu
Jun 22, 2017 Maria Timony
Jun 22, 2017 Rob Dexter
Jun 22, 2017 Beverly Brown
Jun 22, 2017 Rilla Heslin
Jun 21, 2017 mirella santi
Jun 21, 2017 Jennifer Rier
Jun 21, 2017 Jacqueline Straw
Jun 17, 2017 Christina Klein
Jun 16, 2017 Cathleen Cascia
Jun 15, 2017 brent hale
Jun 14, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jun 13, 2017 Anne Smith
Jun 10, 2017 sara Elkins
Jun 10, 2017 Victoria Hall
Jun 10, 2017 Carrie Green
Jun 9, 2017 Karen Presson
Jun 9, 2017 Beth Smith
Jun 8, 2017 Elizabeth Congo
Jun 8, 2017 Léa Le Brizaut
Jun 6, 2017 Maiko Kushida
Jun 4, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jun 4, 2017 Joshua Santos
Jun 4, 2017 Janick SANSON
Jun 3, 2017 Shelby Buck
Jun 3, 2017 Frédéric Jaubert
Jun 2, 2017 Millie Mondragon
Jun 2, 2017 Jeremy Wadston
May 31, 2017 Leah Santini
May 30, 2017 Nancy Lowe No more destruction of our ecosystems.
May 29, 2017 Janet Pickard
May 29, 2017 Virginia Vanini No more Shell EVER in my tank and it's been that way for years!
May 29, 2017 Jacqueline Lamoureux
May 28, 2017 Ben Cachola
May 28, 2017 Nora Connell
May 28, 2017 (Name not displayed)
May 28, 2017 carol king
May 28, 2017 Rene Miller There are things at stake that are far more important than shell and their toxic life of drilling; they need to curl up and go away or we don't survive. Currently the wildlife are dying off because of their disastrous "efforts"; go away shell.
May 28, 2017 michael lyons
May 28, 2017 Jeff Wentzell
May 27, 2017 (Name not displayed)
May 27, 2017 Andrew Sulay
May 25, 2017 Laura Gwin
May 22, 2017 Lee Barrilleaux
May 20, 2017 James Deschene
May 20, 2017 Shirley Troia
May 19, 2017 Debby Dernberger Is it not enough you already have billions at the cost of destroying and poisoning the earth already? And that's still not enough? GREED!
May 16, 2017 erek king

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