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Goal: 80,000 Progress: 63,985
Sponsored by: The Rainforest Site

Indonesia's Sumatran tiger could be the first large predator to become extinct this century, unless poaching for body parts and illegal logging in the area are stopped. Today, the total population of Sumatran tigers left in the wild is estimated to be fewer than 400.

Urge the Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam (Nature Conservancy Agency) to implement laws to ban trade of tiger parts and to stop widespread logging of their habitat by multinational paper companies.

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I ask you to urgently increase enforcement efforts and implementation of laws to stop illegal logging and to ban trade of tiger parts and products, or extinction is near for the last of Sumatra's tigers.

I urge you to take action against the markets, trade hubs and retail outlets in Sumatra and also to call for a moratorium on clearing in Sumatra's lowland forests by multinational paper companies - The preservation of tiger reserves needs to be enforced with stiffer penalties for those who break the law.

Of the 8 species of tigers, only 5 are still in existence today. It would be a great tragedy if we couldn't show these beautiful animals to future generations - once they are gone, they will be gone forever. Please act now before the Sumatran tiger becomes extinct.

Petition Signatures

Jul 24, 2014 Marge Garvey
Jul 24, 2014 David Koontz God help us if we keep killing everything wild.
Jul 24, 2014 Vivien Nguyen
Jul 24, 2014 Sharon Wardle
Jul 23, 2014 Hana Kučerová
Jul 23, 2014 Nicole Ratliff
Jul 23, 2014 gerard FABIANO
Jul 23, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 23, 2014 Laura Horning
Jul 23, 2014 Heidi Bloomer
Jul 23, 2014 Amy Eckart Please tell the Indonesian leaders to stop poachers and clearance of tigers habitats
Jul 23, 2014 Yesenia Kurtzweil
Jul 23, 2014 sharon middleton
Jul 23, 2014 Stevie Macklin
Jul 23, 2014 Marlene Smith
Jul 23, 2014 V Shalhon
Jul 23, 2014 Sandra Pontes
Jul 23, 2014 Ashley Bartley
Jul 23, 2014 Deborah Cortlandt
Jul 23, 2014 kris Elkins
Jul 23, 2014 Alice Long There are so few left; so many are murdered for their hides--what more need be said except, of course, save the beautiful tiger? Thank you
Jul 23, 2014 Carly Cowart
Jul 23, 2014 Tammi Crider
Jul 23, 2014 Brittany Wheeler
Jul 23, 2014 Nikos Nizamis
Jul 23, 2014 rob Jansen
Jul 23, 2014 Nickie Bell
Jul 22, 2014 Britany Bekina
Jul 22, 2014 Kirk Shellko
Jul 22, 2014 kelly carpenter
Jul 22, 2014 Doug Bartmann
Jul 22, 2014 Jon Ovens
Jul 21, 2014 Mia Dravis
Jul 21, 2014 Lucie Renaud
Jul 21, 2014 Susan Magdanz
Jul 21, 2014 Edward Janus
Jul 21, 2014 Barbara Andrews
Jul 21, 2014 Fernanda haberman
Jul 21, 2014 Mary Quain
Jul 21, 2014 Alina Chechik
Jul 21, 2014 Margaret Mayer
Jul 21, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 21, 2014 (Name not displayed)
Jul 21, 2014 nancy amans Don't lose the Sumatra Tigers.
Jul 21, 2014 Carol Adams
Jul 21, 2014 sharon mangrum
Jul 21, 2014 Norah Murray
Jul 21, 2014 Andrea Knöpfler
Jul 21, 2014 Claudia Drenk

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