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Goal: 25,000 Progress: 19,091
Sponsored by: The Nature Conservancy

The Louisiana black bear — the inspiration for the teddy bear — has made an awe-inspiring comeback from the brink of extinction. But now, the once-endangered animal, along with countless other animals nationwide, risks losing habitat that was critical to its recovery.

The Land and Water Conservation Fund has protected millions of acres in nearly every county in the U.S., and all the animals that live in them, for more than 50 years. The landmark legislation funded the protection of lands that enabled the Louisiana black bear to stage its comeback from as few as 80 bears in the 1980s to as many as 750 bears today.

But now, the very existence of this vital program is at risk. Congress let it expire in 2015 — and then reauthorized it for only three years. That's why we must push for permanent reauthorization and full funding NOW or else every few years LWCF could expire again. And that means the habitats it sustains — like the Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge, home to the Louisiana black bear — risk losing critical funding.

Call on Congress today to protect natural treasures, from these vital habitats for the Teddy bear to your own backyard!

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Support the Land and Water Conservation Fund

The Land and Water Conservation Fund is one of America's most important and successful conservation programs, benefiting every state in the nation. It has helped provide clean water, conserve natural resources, increase recreation opportunities and support communities for 50 years.

The vital conservation work it supports will be hampered by uncertain funding if LWCF's existence is at risk every few years. I ask you to permanently reauthorize and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund as soon as possible so essential conservation programs are not in jeopardy.


Petition Signatures

Oct 17, 2017 Andrea Oettinger
Oct 17, 2017 Rita Helen Nordby Billstrøm
Oct 17, 2017 Ann-kristine Jakobsen
Oct 17, 2017 Inger Lise Haughem
Oct 17, 2017 Bjørn Holshagen
Oct 17, 2017 Barbara Kucala
Oct 17, 2017 Noni Wade SAVE THE BLACK BEAR and its habitat!
Oct 17, 2017 Kari Anita Fjeldvær
Oct 17, 2017 JOAnn Evans
Oct 17, 2017 Betsy Baytos
Oct 17, 2017 Hild Berglie
Oct 17, 2017 Susanne Bårdsen
Oct 17, 2017 Tove Bjørsvik
Oct 17, 2017 Veronica Arnesen
Oct 17, 2017 Jolanta Vingen
Oct 17, 2017 Olya Almazova
Oct 17, 2017 Louise Brown
Oct 17, 2017 Heidi Wollum
Oct 16, 2017 Robert Kraska People need to share the earth
Oct 16, 2017 Jan Rader
Oct 16, 2017 Diane Weinstein
Oct 16, 2017 thomas pauley It's outrageous to think they'd do that!
Oct 16, 2017 Maddy S Help protect the Louisiana Black Bear! Join me in signing the petition to help!
Oct 16, 2017 Terri Robb
Oct 16, 2017 JAVIER CERDA
Oct 16, 2017 Cecelia Nelson
Oct 16, 2017 Tom Kozel
Oct 16, 2017 Dini Schipper
Oct 16, 2017 Elisabeth Jimmink
Oct 15, 2017 kate mccann
Oct 15, 2017 Rosemary Rannes Signed in solidarity to permanently reauthorize and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund as soon as possible so essential conservation programs are not in jeopardy. Congress protect national treasures of vital habitats for the Teddy bear !
Oct 15, 2017 Stephen Anderson
Oct 15, 2017 Mary Kelly
Oct 15, 2017 Deborah Dahlgren
Oct 15, 2017 Connie Dunn
Oct 15, 2017 Julie Klabin
Oct 15, 2017 george salinger
Oct 15, 2017 Dan Fogarty
Oct 15, 2017 Annie Bien
Oct 15, 2017 Mike Mountjoy
Oct 15, 2017 Jacques Joseph Moskovic
Oct 15, 2017 Reynaldo Reyna
Oct 15, 2017 Janis King
Oct 15, 2017 chris bihler
Oct 15, 2017 Bridget Irons
Oct 15, 2017 Pierre Cousineau
Oct 15, 2017 Petra Falkner Jetzt handeln um das Leben der Bären zu retten
Oct 15, 2017 Nancy Jakeman
Oct 14, 2017 Karlo De Guzman
Oct 14, 2017 Barbara Bryan

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