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Animals kept in captivity for entertainment purposes is a form of animal cruelty, regardless of any specific allegations of mistreatment, but they continue to suffer under willingly blind eyes.

The Federal Welfare Act that was administered by the USDA should be protecting these animals from this kind of horrible captivity, but the standards are extremely minimal and hardly ever enforced. [1]

Last Chance for Animals (LCA) founder Chris DeRose led an investigation into the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus to discover that the elephants were beaten across their heads and faces with baseball bats, pitchforks, and other objects. Bears had their noses broken and their paws burned to 'teach' them to walk on their hind legs. [2]

These animals are almost always taken away as babies from their homes in the wild [3], leaving them scared and separated from their families. They also have to endure torturous training for completely unnatural performing situations.

Tigers, like most animals, are naturally afraid of fire and yet are regularly forced to jump through flaming hoops, while the elephants are often restrained and beaten until they stop fighting back against their captors. [4]

Big cats are extremely susceptible to suffering from heatstroke due to their cramped living and traveling conditions, [5] and elephants have even been known to contract human spread diseases like tuberculosis.

Are you willing to speak up for the tortured animals who cannot speak for themselves? Because without our voices, their suffering will only continue.

Let's call on the USDA to recognize that circuses with animals are inherently cruel to the creatures involved. Keeping wild animals as entertainment for humans should be banned for good!

Animal-free circuses should become the norm, not the exception!

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To the Secretary of the USDA,

Over the decades, wild animals have been taken from their homes in order to provide entertainment to humans on a large scale.

In many cases, these animals are horribly mistreated, beaten, and abused when they are behaving as their nature tells them to behave.

When people take wild animals from their habitat, expect them to be receptive to torturous training, it should be no surprise when they act out violently.

Research and numerous investigations have shown that not only do the animals almost never react positively to their traveling captivity, but also that their environments are totally unacceptable for daily living.

We are calling on you to help keep these animals in their natural environments, away from captivity, and leave the entertaining to human beings.


Petition Signatures

Aug 14, 2018 M T Leave the animals alone in their own habitat!
Aug 13, 2018 Franca Faustini
Aug 13, 2018 Donna Holinej
Aug 12, 2018 Marilyn Koff
Aug 12, 2018 janine giaime
Aug 11, 2018 Aida Candeal
Aug 10, 2018 Gabriela Duarte
Aug 9, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Aug 8, 2018 Kristina Lamons
Aug 8, 2018 Roslyn Riall
Aug 8, 2018 Letizia Pierandrei
Aug 7, 2018 Alice Mears
Aug 5, 2018 Jane Brownlow
Aug 5, 2018 Tawnya Shields
Aug 4, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Aug 4, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Aug 4, 2018 Monica Brunetto
Aug 3, 2018 julie Alicea
Aug 3, 2018 Cara Schmidt
Aug 3, 2018 Vicki Bingo
Aug 3, 2018 Kathleen Vadnais
Aug 3, 2018 Mark Newman-Kuzel
Aug 2, 2018 Claudia Frosch
Aug 2, 2018 Anne Havard
Aug 2, 2018 Leah Helmer
Aug 2, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Aug 2, 2018 marita hanse
Aug 2, 2018 Regina Giron H.
Aug 2, 2018 J Sasser
Aug 2, 2018 Evangeline Miranda
Aug 2, 2018 Gail Canzius
Aug 2, 2018 Beverley Golden
Aug 2, 2018 Lin Westler
Aug 2, 2018 Beverly Parker
Aug 2, 2018 Karen Bruce
Aug 2, 2018 Natasha Brenner
Aug 2, 2018 Patricia Cimino
Aug 2, 2018 Norbert Mietus
Aug 1, 2018 Melissa Neubauer
Jul 31, 2018 Yumi Takahashi
Jul 31, 2018 Deborah Martin
Jul 31, 2018 Tracey Guardian
Jul 31, 2018 Chinanan Khurasee
Jul 30, 2018 Misti Kane
Jul 30, 2018 Teresa Clarke
Jul 29, 2018 Wendy Green
Jul 29, 2018 Victoria Hutson
Jul 29, 2018 Cara Blazucki
Jul 29, 2018 Jan Flickinger

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