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On February 28th, President Trump signed an executive order that will put large restrictions on which bodies of water will be subject to pollution regulations. But then his administration talked about how important it was for them to "promote clean air and clean water." [1]

The Trump administration should not be able to get away with killing off pollution regulations for our waterways, and then promote the idea of clean water. He is lying to all of us.

The original Waters of The United States rule was added to the Clean Water Act of 1972 by President Obama in 2015, and it allowed the EPA to more closely regulate what bodies of water were being protected. This meant that the EPA could help better protect waterways, and more importantly drinking water, from harmful pollution.

But now those protections are being left up to individual states. And as we all know, water travels across state lines like the Mississippi River and Lake Erie, which will mean that one state's relaxed water pollution rules could potentially contaminate another states drinking water supply.

"These wetland protections help ensure that over 100 million Americans have access to clean and safe drinking water," California billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer said in a statement. "Access to safe drinking water is a human right, and Trump's order is a direct violation of this right." [2]

When the President of the United States says things like "It's a horrible, horrible rule. Has sort of a nice name, but everything else is bad," [3] about keeping water clean enough for his citizens to drink, there is a serious issue.

The EPA should be allowed to continue to regulate our waterways so that our drinking water remains safe from industrial and big business pollution, it should be the federal government's job to help protect us!

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Dear President Trump,

It is extremely obvious that the waterways of the United States of America travel hundreds of miles and cross state borders constantly. This is why it should be the job of the federal government, specifically the Environmental Protection Agency, to regulate and keep those waters safe from pollution.

You say that your administration wants to promote clean air and clean water, but then you say that a rule that helped protect keep our water clean is a "horrible, horrible" rule. How can we trust you to make proper decisions on this matter when you contradict yourself?

For some 100 million American citizens, allowing individual states to manage their own water pollution rules will put their drinking water in grave danger of being horribly polluted by industries who only care for making a quick dollar.

Since it is your aim to eliminate this clean water rule, we all want to ask that you change your mind and allow the EPA to help continue keep our waterways safe from pollution. Without a broader protection from the federal government agency, we will have to not only be afraid that our drinking water isn't safe.

Do you want your citizens to live in fear that the water that is coming out of their sinks will be potentially harmful? Help us, and keep our water safe from pollution!


Petition Signatures

Apr 15, 2018 Audrey Glenski
Apr 12, 2018 Kristine Richter
Apr 11, 2018 Cathy King-Chuparkoff
Apr 11, 2018 Lisa vasta
Apr 10, 2018 Elizabeth Wolff
Apr 10, 2018 Barbara Tomlinson
Apr 9, 2018 Shawnda Drennen-Schwartz
Apr 7, 2018 Lucy Kelly
Apr 6, 2018 Tammy Jeter
Apr 5, 2018 Mary Cook
Apr 5, 2018 Angela Hembroff
Apr 5, 2018 Kate Anderson People have a right to drinking water
Apr 5, 2018 Bonnie Svec
Apr 4, 2018 Oscar Landé
Apr 3, 2018 laura haworth
Apr 3, 2018 Jene Malcomson
Apr 2, 2018 Carolyn Smith
Apr 2, 2018 Cheryl Boyce
Apr 2, 2018 Maryanna Moskal
Apr 1, 2018 Mary Smith
Mar 31, 2018 Nan Newall
Mar 29, 2018 allen bohnert
Mar 29, 2018 Naomi Mignone Reinstate the protections for our water, air, environment, and wildlife.
Mar 29, 2018 Julie Hansen
Mar 29, 2018 Rosalinde Katz
Mar 28, 2018 Leah Helmer
Mar 28, 2018 Richard Rheder
Mar 28, 2018 Lens Lucas
Mar 27, 2018 Angela LaRochelle
Mar 27, 2018 JoAnn Cortina
Mar 27, 2018 Charlisa Arthur
Mar 27, 2018 Angelita Ritz
Mar 26, 2018 Angela Martinez
Mar 26, 2018 Kate Ravenstein
Mar 26, 2018 Jorge Balseiro
Mar 25, 2018 Mickey Parachuk
Mar 25, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Mar 25, 2018 Natasha Moore
Mar 25, 2018 Chris Sterry
Mar 25, 2018 Lisa Wright
Mar 25, 2018 Axa Tolonen
Mar 25, 2018 Janis Ciofalo
Mar 25, 2018 susan shawket
Mar 24, 2018 Joann Henderson
Mar 24, 2018 Connell Walker, Ph.D.
Mar 23, 2018 Helgaleena Healingline
Mar 20, 2018 Lesley Adamson
Mar 19, 2018 Robert New
Mar 19, 2018 Shirley Dilbeck Again, it is all about giving big corporations their way, not the most of Americans. We need someone in there that will do what the American people want and not lie about it.
Mar 19, 2018 Brian Gottejman

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