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Goal: 25,000 Progress: 3,723
Sponsored by: Defenders of Wildlife

The Trump administration is taking its war on wildlife to the oceans.

In its latest bid to sell out our public resources, the Trump administration has announced a five-year plan to expose nearly all U.S. coastal waters to dirty and dangerous oil and gas drilling.

Secretary Zinke and the Trump administration are not only opening the door for corporate greed, they are paving the way for catastrophe for our oceans, coastlines and wildlife.

Take action now and tell Secretary Zinke our oceans and wildlife aren't his to exploit.

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Dear Secretary of the Interior Zinke,

I am writing as a Defender of Wildlife to urge you to reject the recently proposed five-year offshore drilling plan. The wildly reckless and irresponsible plan represents a sellout to billion-dollar corporations at the expense of our oceans and coastal communities. It throws stewardship of our ocean waters out the window. It risks irreparable damage to communities, human health and marine wildlife.

This proposal increases the risk to polar bears, walruses, North Atlantic right whales, dolphins, sea turtles, sea otters, orcas and other vulnerable species from a catastrophic oil spill. Even worse, it comes on the heels of a proposal to rescind regulations and protections put in place after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon catastrophe to prevent such a horrific disaster from ever taking place again.

But even when there is no major catastrophe, nearly all aspects of offshore oil and gas development are harmful to marine wildlife and marine habitats. The deafening seismic testing that precedes drilling wreaks havoc on marine wildlife, especially marine mammals, disturbing their natural behaviors and impairing their hearing. Drill rigs damage sensitive habitats and ecosystems. Marine wildlife is devastated by routine spills, air pollution and other fallout from industrial oil and gas development in our oceans.

America's natural heritage is not yours, nor President Trump's, to plunder. Do not allow such a dramatic change in policy that threatens communities — human and animal — all around this great country.


Petition Signatures

Apr 18, 2018 Marco Parravicini
Apr 17, 2018 Ornella Turrini
Apr 16, 2018 julie matewicz
Apr 16, 2018 Janna Nelson
Apr 15, 2018 LUCY JENSON
Apr 15, 2018 Sarah Vines
Apr 15, 2018 Lynn Mattson
Apr 15, 2018 thoomas friedman
Apr 15, 2018 Audrey Glenski
Apr 15, 2018 Martha Vest
Apr 14, 2018 Barbara Hrybinczak
Apr 14, 2018 Cathleen Cascia
Apr 13, 2018 Maria Ring
Apr 13, 2018 Susana Guillamon
Apr 12, 2018 Jaana Pajulintu
Apr 12, 2018 Michelle Mainieri
Apr 12, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Apr 12, 2018 JoAnn Evans
Apr 12, 2018 Ben Cachola
Apr 11, 2018 Cindi Dean
Apr 11, 2018 Cathy King-Chuparkoff
Apr 11, 2018 Lisa vasta
Apr 11, 2018 Anna Rincon
Apr 11, 2018 Jo Dolittle
Apr 10, 2018 Esther Lance
Apr 10, 2018 Rabbi Paula Reimers All life is precious, a gift of Deity and eons of evolution. When we protect it, we protect the future.
Apr 9, 2018 Sandra Beall
Apr 9, 2018 jorgina blantz
Apr 9, 2018 Doug Landau
Apr 9, 2018 KURT CRUGER
Apr 9, 2018 Shawnda Drennen-Schwartz
Apr 8, 2018 Mary Chechak We need to protect our natural resources and the environment , and the wild life
Apr 8, 2018 Steve Bloom
Apr 7, 2018 M T
Apr 7, 2018 Haley Lavris
Apr 6, 2018 Catherine Kellaway
Apr 6, 2018 Terri Robb
Apr 6, 2018 Kim Johnson
Apr 6, 2018 joe collins
Apr 6, 2018 Pamela Shryock Give a Hoot... Don't polute..
Apr 6, 2018 Katie Jarvis
Apr 6, 2018 Tamara Hutelmyer
Apr 5, 2018 Erin McCarty
Apr 5, 2018 marcia karuba
Apr 5, 2018 mary peteinaraki
Apr 5, 2018 Reid Larimore
Apr 5, 2018 James Long
Apr 5, 2018 Siegrid Berman
Apr 5, 2018 rudolf muehl
Apr 4, 2018 Rosanna Gianfrancesco

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