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On June 2, 2016, Thai authorities raided Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua Yanasampanno, a Buddhist temple also known simply as the Tiger Temple. There, in a temple freezer, they made a shocking discovery.

40 dead tiger cubs.

These discoveries confirmed that the tourist attraction was actually a front for rampant animal abuse.

The list of organizations opposing the Tiger Temple is long, and their complaints widespread. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) prohibits the commercial breeding of tigers. The temple lacks accredited conservation breeding programs and proper facilities to humanely house these animals. It has engaged in unauthorized trade of tigers with Laos.

And now, animal trafficking must be added to their list of crimes.

In the wake of the discovery of the deceased tiger cubs and parts, all 137 tigers held by the Tiger Temple were removed from the premises. But the loss of the tigers is estimated to cost the temple $3 million each year in ticket sales to unsuspecting tourists.

Now the Temple is fighting back. In 2015, the temple created a company called Tiger Temple Company Ltd., applied for, and was granted a zoo license. This license would permit the company to buy back the seized tigers and legally breed them. Thailand's Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation has stated that because no one from the new company has been convicted of a serious crime, there was no legal justification to reject the application.

But the Tiger Temple's legacy of abuse and trafficking cannot be ignored. Tell Thailand's Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation that Tiger Temple Company Ltd.'s zoo license must be revoked and that the temple's 137 seized tigers should instead live out their lives in a sanctuary free from those who would treat these beautiful cats as entertainment or commodities!

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To the Thailand Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation; CITES Thailand; and the Prime Minister of Thailand,

I am writing to ask your collaboration in revoking the zoo license for Tiger Temple Company Ltd. While no one in the company has yet been charged with the abuse or trafficking of tigers, the ties to the original Tiger Temple, where abuse and trafficking have been rampant, are undeniable.

To sell the tigers bravely seized during your raid on the Temple would condemn these endangered animals to generations of potential abuse and trafficking. Tigers are neither for entertainment nor profit. They are not commodities or livestock. They are majestic, wild animals.

The Thai government has already taken the first step in protecting these tigers by removing them from the Tiger Temple. Now, their fates rest in your hands.

Please, continue your legacy of fighting for tiger welfare by revoking Tiger Temple Company Ltd.'s zoo license and ensuring that the Temple's tigers live out the rest of their days in a sanctuary free from those who would treat these beautiful cats as entertainment or commodities!


Petition Signatures

Jul 25, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jul 25, 2017 cathy conner
Jul 24, 2017 Yola Stavridou
Jul 24, 2017 Perri Sussman
Jul 24, 2017 Kerry Gunby Come on, Thailand!!
Jul 23, 2017 Sandra Leaper Over 40 dead tiger cubs found. Tiger Temple stop exploiting the tigers.
Jul 23, 2017 Mariam Michaela
Jul 23, 2017 Vaughna Vananda
Jul 23, 2017 Rick Thomason
Jul 23, 2017 Dianna Alourdas
Jul 23, 2017 Richard Lafferty
Jul 23, 2017 Claudia Schulz
Jul 23, 2017 P Garbett
Jul 22, 2017 Donna Shoesmith
Jul 22, 2017 Sarah Crothers
Jul 22, 2017 Linda Darling
Jul 22, 2017 Jodi Carlin
Jul 22, 2017 Cheryl Buckingham
Jul 22, 2017 Linda Henson-Campbell Free these cats away from there before they all die. I feel very sad for the tigers , it make me sick to hear news like this, to know people can be this cruel. We need to stop using animals for money making and the other things .
Jul 22, 2017 Sara Willis
Jul 22, 2017 Vivian Lieb
Jul 22, 2017 Kevin Maisonave
Jul 22, 2017 Georgia Shankel
Jul 22, 2017 Roberta Hamilton
Jul 20, 2017 Winifred Boyd
Jul 20, 2017 William Tarbox
Jul 20, 2017 Alanna Reuben
Jul 20, 2017 Sheila Ward
Jul 20, 2017 Pat Lawson
Jul 20, 2017 LINDA PANNIER
Jul 20, 2017 Maryanne Thompson
Jul 20, 2017 Catheryn Sproull
Jul 20, 2017 Mark Hayduke Grenard
Jul 19, 2017 Andrea Hinkley
Jul 17, 2017 Linda Cypert
Jul 15, 2017 Maribel Garcia
Jul 15, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jul 14, 2017 Leah Huddleston
Jul 14, 2017 Diane Rios
Jul 14, 2017 Linda Hunt
Jul 13, 2017 Rev Leslie M. Celadhan
Jul 13, 2017 erica rosas
Jul 13, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jul 13, 2017 seb Deignan
Jul 13, 2017 regina sondej
Jul 13, 2017 Tonya Harpe
Jul 13, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Jul 13, 2017 Linda Cook
Jul 12, 2017 Arrie Hammel

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