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Help Save The Maned Wolf From Extinction

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Help preserve vital maned wolf habitat for just $15 an acre!

Now the maned wolf is classified as a threatened species. In Bolivia, where less than a thousand of these fascinating creatures remain, its habitat is rapidly being cleared for agricultural production. This includes the Beni savanna, a biologically rich area that is home not only to the elusive maned wolf, but also to the critically endangered blue-throated Macaw and other rare animals.

You can help. Rainforest Trust is matching your donation, so your gift of just $15 dollars will purchase and protect an entire acre of the best remaining habitat for the maned wolf in the Beni savannah. Buying and protecting land in neighboring countries at similar prices is nearly impossible, and as the international demand for cheap land push values up, this opportunity too will pass. By working together now, we can ensure that the unique "roar-bark" continues to be heard across a wild Bolivian savanna.

Report from the Field
November 2013

Rainforest Trust CEO Paul Salaman recently went to the Barba Azul Reserve in Eastern Bolivia to check on the status of the land purchasing project for the maned wolf. While there, he recieved reports of multiple maned wolves seen near dusk and dawn on the reserve, and that their unique roar-bark could be heard.

"The difference between the reserve and non-protected areas is quite clear. Three species of deer are found in the reserve, while outside its boundaries there are only cattle. It's also clear that the reserve is an important wintering and stopover point for many migratory species, including birds from the U.S. and Canada." Paul Salaman, Rainforest Trust CEO

This year, GreaterGood and The Rainforest Site have worked to double the size of the reserve, effectively ensuring the survival of the Maned Wolf, and improving the situation for all the animals who live there. So far, your generous donations have funded the purchase of 3,448 additional acres for the reserve.

Rainforest Trust (formerly World Land Trust-US) is proud to have saved over 7 million acres of endangered habitats in 15 countries and 65 sites since its inception in 1989. Their proven conservation approach and established network of dedicated local conservation organizations allow them to identify key rainforest sites containing the last populations of endangered wildlife under imminent threat. Rainforest Trust moves swiftly to purchase and protect these biodiversity treasures permanently throughout Central and South America. Their effective model empowers indigenous communities and local partners to steward their own lands. Through this stewardship, as well as education, training, and economic stimulants like eco-tourism for the indigenous people, Rainforest Trust is ensuring the lands they save are securing a rich and more diverse future for all life on earth.

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