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U.S. President Donald Trump has been an avid denier of climate change and the need to utilize clean energy. He has even gone as far as to tweeting his beliefs that climate change is a hoax invented by China.

But according to a recent report by The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 97% of climate change scientists see President Trump's views as not only ignorant, but also incredibly dangerous to the Earth's environmental future.

The details of President Trump's new "America First Energy Plan" outlined on the White House website makes no mention whatsoever of alternative energy. Despite a massive boom in the solar and wind energy industries, Trump's new plan of going back to utilizing fossil fuels is forcing the U.S. to take steps backward instead of forward.

Not only is the Trump administration taking steps backward in the energy industry, Seeker has found they have removed the vast majority of climate change action plans that were previously posted on the EPA website. They have even gone as far as removing the mention of carbon pollution as a cause of climate change.

In order to help make a difference in the United States and its stance on climate change, we need to stand up to the Trump administration and make sure they understand how important this issue is for future generations. Speak up for the planet and fight back against this science-denying administration!

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President Trump,

As our country knows, you have continually denied both the effects, and the entire idea of climate change. But how can this denial continue when so many scientists in the U.S. and all over the world agree that this is a serious issue that will have serious consequences if not addressed?

Our country and the world deserve better than putting even more pollution into the air with the reintroduction of your strong support for the fossil fuel industry.

If your goal is to create more jobs, we ask that you look to clean energy, especially considering that solar power employed more people than coal/gas/oil combined in 2016.

President Trump, we ask as people of the planet that you strongly reconsider your stance on climate change because if you continue with your current path, it is very likely that there will be irreparable damage done to the environment across the entire world. The future generations depend on you and your choices to follow in your predecessor's footsteps and continue to protect our planet.


Petition Signatures

Jul 21, 2018 Susan Verser
Jul 20, 2018 Carole Gorecki
Jul 19, 2018 Sally Sharp
Jul 19, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jul 19, 2018 Beau Ryba
Jul 19, 2018 Barbara Turner
Jul 19, 2018 Nadine Duckworth
Jul 19, 2018 Laura Link
Jul 19, 2018 Stacy Ping
Jul 11, 2018 Patricia Jio
Jul 5, 2018 Denise Belliveau
Jul 5, 2018 Etelvina D. Serrano Martínez
Jul 5, 2018 Harold And Mortensen
Jul 5, 2018 jackie lewthwaite
Jun 30, 2018 Leah Helmer
Jun 29, 2018 christine rochette
Jun 29, 2018 christine Henri
Jun 29, 2018 Sue Wood
Jun 28, 2018 Lauren Moch
Jun 26, 2018 Jacklyn Yancy
Jun 26, 2018 Becky Tank
Jun 14, 2018 Rick Hodorowich
Jun 8, 2018 Ana Chen
Jun 8, 2018 mona boggio
Jun 8, 2018 Cherrie Meehan
Jun 8, 2018 Elena Sorokina
Jun 8, 2018 Jo Mosley
May 30, 2018 みどり 中川
May 28, 2018 Leisa Baumann
May 27, 2018 Sae Magata
May 27, 2018 marja leino
May 25, 2018 Debra Raymond
May 23, 2018 Samantha Herring
May 23, 2018 Debra Wills
May 23, 2018 Richard Han
May 23, 2018 Barb Breese
May 22, 2018 Lori Grochowski
May 22, 2018 Charmaine McCarroll
May 22, 2018 Loreto Vargas
May 22, 2018 c. martinez
May 21, 2018 CAROL BECK
May 21, 2018 Kathy Marquis
May 21, 2018 Calesse Carter
May 20, 2018 Sue White
May 17, 2018 Terri Robb
May 16, 2018 Guglielmo L
May 14, 2018 Karen Phillips
May 11, 2018 (Name not displayed)
May 11, 2018 (Name not displayed)

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