Stop The Attack On Our Clean Air!

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Don't let special interests win over in the battle against global warming.

In a recent report generated by the United States Department of Energy, figures showed that global warming has reached its highest point on record — and it's still increasing. What's worse, however, is that there are members in Congress trying to reverse legislation that keeps our air safe from further pollution.

Under the Clean Air Act, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is able to set standards limiting carbon dioxide and other dangerous emissions. Now, though, certain Congress members and polluters are doing everything they can to block the EPA from protecting us against the impact of global warming and to continue polluting.

Special interests should never come before human and environmental health. Tell Congress not to pass any legislation that messes with our air!

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The Petition:

Dear Congress:

Please do not mess with the Clean Air Act!

According to a report issued by the United States Department of Energy, carbon dioxide emissions in 2010 increased over six percent since 2009. That's almost 600 million tons more carbon. At this rate, our descendants will be in big trouble.

We can't continue to favor special interests over the health of our environment. When it comes down to profit versus conservation, the United States has a terrible track record. It's time we realize that profit will mean nothing if we live in a polluted world.

Please heed my words and step up the fight for the environment!

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