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Coca-Cola: The New Enemy Of The Environment?

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Tell the National Park Service to stop pandering to corporate interests!

Plastic bottles are one of the leading causes of Earth's pollution. Seventeen million barrels of crude oil are used per year to make the amount of plastic bottles Americans consume, and these fossil fuels greatly contribute to global warming.

But at the Grand Canyon, Coca-Cola is more interested in profit than environmental conservation. Coca-Cola and the National Park Service (NPS) recently struck down a plan to ban all plastic bottle sales at the national park, putting the natural pristine beauty of the Grand Canyon in great danger.

Coca-Cola donates tens of millions of dollars to national parks each year, which is likely why NPS yielded to Coke's financial best interest.

Write to NPS letting them know you won't stand for its corporate pandering!

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The Petition:

Dear National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis:

I would like to express my disappointment at a recent decision made between the National Park Service and Coca-Cola.

It has come to my attention that regarding the debate about whether to allow plastic bottle sales in Grand Canyon National Park, your organization has capitulated to Coca-Cola and allowed the company to continue selling its products in plastic at the park.

Plastic bottles are one of the top sources of pollution as the fossil fuels needed to produce the bottles greatly contribute to global warming. And with Americans alone consuming close to 30 billion water bottles per year, that's a staggering carbon footprint we're making.

Please reconsider your agreement with Coca-Cola. Profit interests will mean nothing in the future if we continue to destroy the environment in this way.

Thank you for your time.

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