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Don't Let Lobbyists Control Our Air Quality

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Tell President Obama to oppose legislation that would allow corporate interests to regulate our pollution levels.

Every day, we're inhaling toxic pollutants emitted by coal-operating power plants. The toxic air, which contains deadly chemicals like arsenic and mercury, has grave effects on human health — especially that of young children and fetuses.

Despite this information, corporate profit lobbyists are attempting to block the power of the EPA to regulate clean-air initiatives and legislation. The TRAIN Act (H.R. 2401) would allow corporate interests to determine America's regulation on pollution.

These attacks on the country's environmental health are deeply misguided and unfounded — without mercury, lead, and arsenic emission regulations, the toxic chemicals will no-doubt have serious health effects on young children and unborn babies.

Once again, we need to speak out against those who put corporate interests over the health of our nation. Write to President Obama asking him to reject the TRAIN Act.

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The Petition:

Dear President Obama,

Some lobbyists in Washington are demonstrating their lack of regard for human health by supporting a piece of legislation that would prevent the EPA from regulating certain kinds of pollution. The TRAIN Act (H.R. 2401) would allow corporate interests to prevail in the management of arsenic, lead, and mercury emissions that occur as a result of coal-fired power plants.

The fact is, chemicals like arsenic, lead, and mercury are very harmful to those with otherwise compromised immune systems — this means babies, fetuses, and the elderly.

But because profit is the most important thing to these lobbyists, they have done all they can to retain the right to regulate the pollution.

We simply cannot have corporate entities in charge of public health decisions — especially when they involve children's health.

If the TRAIN Act makes it all the way to your desk for final signing, I ask that you throw away the legislation immediately so no one will have to suffer the harmful effects of dangerous chemicals in our air.

Thank you for your time.

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