Save the Desert Tortoise and its Habitat

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The construction of a giant solar plant in the Mojave Desert could wipe out the desert tortoise. Take action!

A company in Southern California is moving forward with plans to build a solar energy plant in California's Mojave Desert. While this is no doubt a stride toward energy-efficiency, it's a step back for animal life conservation. The solar plant is being built atop land that is home to desert tortoises. The tortoises then wander away from their habitat, where they are susceptible to predators and other unfamiliar factors.

Implementing solar technology is important, but it cancels out the benefits when it stands to destroy precious animal species. Write to the CEO of BrightSource Energy, the company that's building the solar plant, asking him to reconsider the location of the solar plant in order to preserve the lives of the tortoises.

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The Petition:

Dear John Woolard,

I applaud your company's work in producing solar technology that will undoubtedly propel the United States toward a cleaner, greener future. But I am writing to you to make you aware of a disastrous potential outcome of building another solar plant in the Mojave Desert.

While I understand that the desert is prime territory for the construction of solar facilities, I also know that your project in the Mojave stands to kill off the desert tortoise that calls it home.

The development of the solar plant would force these tortoises out of their natural habitat and toward unfamiliar land, where they are vulnerable to many unknown dangers.

I believe that we can be a solar-powered nation that doesn't sacrifice precious plant, animal, or human life to do so. Please reconsider your plans to build on the land that the tortoises inhabit, or devise a conservation plan that will ensure the safety of these adorable animals.

Thanks for your time.

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