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Take the Green Ribbon Pledge for a greener future!

Join the people who have taken the pledge to conserve energy for a secure future! There are hundreds of things you can do every day to reduce energy consumption. And cutting down energy use is the most important thing you can do to secure our future from the negative effects of unreliable, unstable, and environmentally damaging energy sources.

Click 'more info' to discover some energy-saving tasks you can do throughout the year to reduce your carbon footprint. Then sign the pledge below!

Saving energy at home

· Clean furnace, air conditioner and heat pump filters.
· Schedule an energy audit for your home by calling your electric company.
·Use energy saving settings on appliances.
·Clean dryer lint filter after each load.
· Keep drapes and shades closed at night in winter and during the day in summer.
· Do laundry and other energy intensive chores during off-peak hours (at night and on weekends).
· Put an insulating blanket on your hot water heater.
· Purchase clean energy where available (where not available, call your utility company and demand it).
· Install window film to reduce heat loss/ gain.
· Caulk or weather-strip doors and windows.
· Seal heating ducts.

Saving energy at the office

· Turn off equipment and lights after hours.
· Use large equipment during off-peak hours when possible.
· Consider ink-jet printers, which use 90% less energy.
· Lap top computers for employees use up to 90% less energy.
· Install bike rack and reimburse employees for bicycle purchases.
· Install showers for people who walk or bike to work.
· Put an insulating blanket on your hot water heater.
· Organize office carpools and reduce parking prices for car-poolers.
· Offer reimbursement for use of public transit.
· Replace old equipment with "Energy Star" certified models.
· Schedule an energy audit of your business.

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