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Everyone needs to play a part in cleaning up our oceans and saving marine wildlife. Sign the pledge!

Ocean trash threatens our aquatic wildlife more and more with each passing year. Commercial fishing nets are discarded into the sea, and whether intentionally or not, entangle animals with no chance for escape. Rubber like that from balloons ends up in the ocean and is deadly if consumed by animals who think it may be food. Plastic 6-pack can holders strangle small marine life.

It's hard to imagine, but our actions in our daily lives carry serious implications for the health of our oceans. Any litter that doesn't go to a landfill will almost undoubtedly — in one way or another — end up in a body of water that flows to the ocean.

We all need to participate in protecting our oceans' ecosystems if we truly want to affect change. Don't let animals like the sea lion in the photo suffer as a result of our negligence. Sign the pledge saying you will limit your litter and then click more info to see more ways to protect the oceans.

Plastics are a huge problem for ocean trash because they take hundreds of years to biodegrade. This video features Monterey Bay Aquarium's Sarah-Mae Nelson and her decision to go plastic free for a year to help preserve her environment!

Here are some more helpful tips you can employ in your daily life to make a lasting positive effect on the future of ocean health:

  • Recycle all paper and plastic materials
  • Cut up your 6-pack can holders
  • Throw away cigarette butts. They aren't biodegradable!
  • Discard of all chemical products at appropriate facilities. Simply throwing them away in the garbage means they will almost certainly end up in the ocean
  • Reuse plastic and paper bags for general cleaning, litter box emptying, storage
  • Start a recycling program at work
  • Bring your own cup to coffee shops
  • Grow organic vegetables and plants
  • Use your own Tupperware instead of disposable plastic containers

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