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Paper and plastic bags cause some of the worst environmental destruction. Take action!

Paper and plastic bags are the deadliest items you can find at a grocery store. These pollutants are widely available, often for free, and have become a part of many people's daily lives outside the market. But while paper and plastic bags are sometimes reused for lunch-bags or G.I. Joe parachutes (respectively), their production and ultimate destination result in horrific environmental consequences.

Plastic bags cause hundred of thousands of marine mammal deaths per year when they are mistaken for food, and the production of paper bags creates seventy percent more pollution than that of their plastic counterparts. Each drop of water in the Earth's oceans contains tiny indigestible microplastics that accumulate as they move up the food-chain, and recycling paper bags costs almost double the energy of recycling plastic.

Don't be a part of the problem — be THE solution. Take reusable bags to the grocery store, and encourage others to do the same. Sign the pledge to bring AT LEAST ONE reusable bag each time you take a trip to the supermarket — it could change the world!

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