Hold A Coal Plant Accountable For Its Pollution

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Don't let utility Southern Company get away with misleading the public about the true effects of pollution.

This should come as no surprise: Georgia-based power utility Southern Company is brazenly shirking standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in order to advance its own profit-motivated interests.

Southern Company spokespeople have recently gone on record to say that the EPA's mercury standards don't produce any health benefits as well as that reducing pollution does nothing to promote human health.

You may also be surprised to find out that Southern Company is one of America's seven worst pollutants — with this information it makes sense as to why the power giant would want to mislead the public about its operations.

Write to Southern Company's CEO Thomas Fanning to come clean about his firm and to do what's right for the future of our planet.

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The Petition:

Dear Thomas Fanning:

As the CEO of one of the highest-polluting power plants in America, you should be ashamed of yourself. Not only is Southern Company one of the worst polluters out there, it's also a dishonest and corrupt operation.

Your spokespeople recently went on record to dispute scientifically-tested findings about pollution and mercury emissions. While the EPA — and most everyone else for that matter — says mercury emissions significantly impair human health and reduced pollution levels show health benefits for humans, your company seems to believe otherwise.

I'm writing to ask that A) you produce the scientific findings for these claims, or B) adhere to the EPA, publicly take back your company's comments, and begin working toward a cleaner operation.

You will no doubt be exposed for the deceitful things you are telling the public if you do not stop misleading us and start doing what's right for the health of our planet.


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