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Help Minimize Damage From Tsunami Debris

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Sign the petition in support of the Trash Free Seas Act of 2011!

The massive tsunami that struck Japan on April 7, 2011 was the worst natural disaster in the country's history. Over 15,000 people lost their lives. For some, it will take years to rebuild what they once had.

The destruction doesn't end there. When the water from the tsunami retreated back to the sea, it took along with it all of the debris from objects it had destroyed along the way. There is now a massive pile of trash 2,000 miles long floating out in the ocean.

Scientists studying this giant mass and surrounding ocean currents say it's headed straight for North America, with a target date of late 2013. This means the 2,000-mile heap will pollute coastal waters in Washington State and Hawaii.

The Trash Free Seas Act of 2011 aims to help federal agencies prepare for the impending problems the debris field will undoubtedly present.

Sign the petition and help protect North America from ocean pollution!

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The Petition:

Dear Senator Maria Cantwell,

Thank you for introducing the Trash Free Seas Act of 2011 in order to address the ocean pollution created by the April 2011 Japan tsunami.

The tsunami had grave immediate effects — nearly 20,000 people lost their lives that day and the damage will take decades to repair. But the tsunami produced another, more slow-moving disaster: a 2,000-mile-long pile of debris the wave collected as it hit cities and towns is now floating out at sea. And it's headed straight for the west coast of America.

The Trash Free Seas Act of 2011 would help federal agencies prepare for the arrival of the debris field and help minimize its impact.

Please make sure the Trash Free Seas Act of 2011 passes!

Thank you for your concern.

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