Tell Sakhalin Energy to Halt its Oil Exploration Plans in the Gray Whale Habitat!

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Sakhalin Energy plans to build an oil platform by the feeding grounds of the Western gray whale, threatening their survival.

The Western North Pacific gray whale is currently under threat of extinction. That's why it's so appalling that Sakhalin Energy, a Russian energy investment company, is planning to build an oil platform near these beautiful creatures' habitat. North Pacific gray whales feed and co-habitate near Sakhalin Island, which is located in the Russian Far East. If Sakhalin Energy moves forward with its plans, the whales' habitat and lives will be in grave danger.

Sakhalin Energy, as well as various other oil giants, have already built platforms and oil developments in this area, and the whale population is suffering. Oil activity around the habitat interferes with feeding and greatly threatens the whales — a spill would be catastrophic for the already dwindling population. Send a message to Sakhalin CEO Andrey Galaev, letting him know his company's actions could single-handedly contribute to the demise of the Western gray whale population.

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The Petition:

Dear Andrey Galaev,

I am shocked to learn of Sakhalin Energy's plans to build yet another oil platform near Sakhalin Island — and where the beautiful Western North Pacific gray whale lives.

The North Pacific gray whale typically feeds and teaches its young to fend for itself around the Sakhalin Island area. Oil exploration near the island has already affected the whale population in that it has disrupted the whales' feeding and behavior.

The gray whale is already gravely endangered. It simply cannot afford more habitat disruptions by irresponsible oil corporations if the population is to succeed.

Please halt the rest of your oil platform and exploration plans in this area. If you do not, you could be responsible for helping kill off an entire species of whales.

Thanks for your time.

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