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Show Your Support for the Clean Power Plan!

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Without its protection, the environment and the public's health could be in great danger

Stand with us to stop the attacks on the Clean Power Plan! Sign now to show your support for clean air and green technology!

The Obama-era Clean Power Plan was put in place to protect the health of all Americans from the dangers of serious air pollution, but the Trump administration wants it gone. Now, we must stand up for our own lives and make sure the plan stays in place!

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt recently announced that the agency tasked with protecting the environment plans to refuse its mandate and repeal the Clean Power Plan, [1] a landmark piece of legislation which has protected Americans from poor air quality and pollution. On top of this, they have no replacement in mind [2].

The Clean Power Plan was created to cut the U.S. carbon emissions by 32 percent below their 2005 levels by the year 2030 [3].

With this plan, America would have been able to help chart a course towards the future of clean energy, on top of providing health and economic benefits for all of its citizens.

As the world continues to show signs from the effects of climate change, the U.S. is decidedly moving to push back significantly against proven science and put not only its citizens, but the world in jeopardy.

"Ignoring air pollution won’t make our country great for kids with asthma or older Americans who struggle to breathe," said Environment America. "Ignoring climate change won’t make American families safe from storms powered by oceans that are rising and growing warmer. When it comes to global warming, President Trump needs to accept the science, recognize the reality, and put the health and well-being of Americans first." [4]

Unless ideas like the Clean Power Plan stay in place, there will only continue be accelerated changes in the world we see around us.

Help ensure the Clean Power Plan stays in place and keep Americans safe from harm. Sign now and speak out!

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The Petition:

Dear President Donald Trump and EPA administrator Scott Pruitt,

You spoke that you want to “make America great again,” but you are making steps to repeal legislation that not only would help make America great for the future of clean energy, but also would keep American people safe from air pollution and all of the issues it causes.

Removing the Clean Power Plan that was put in place by Barack Obama is a slap in the face to every American who is already struggling with breathing issues due to poor air quality. It also makes our country look like the laughing stock of the world for ignoring proven science.

Keeping the plan in place would protect many lives from the harmful effects of carbon emissions, on top of helping the world start solving the issues that those same emissions are causing today.

Please reconsider repealing a plan that benefits all of humanity and go back to ensuring your citizens that their health, lives, and best interests are at the forefront of the policies you create or change.


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