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Urge U.S. Banks to Stop Funding Drilling in the Arctic Refuge!

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Sponsor: Defenders of Wildlife

Tell Bank Of America: Funding oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is unacceptable.

In response to pressure from wildlife and climate advocates, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Morgan Stanley have all ruled out financing oil and gas drilling in the Arctic, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Because advocates like you are demanding it, all these banks have joined the ranks of over a dozen international banks who are also saying "NO" to financing fossil fuel destruction in the pristine Arctic Refuge, home to the world’s most imperiled polar bears.

Now's the time to focus our attention on Bank of America – the last major U.S. bank yet to rule out turning the Refuge into an oilfield. Financing fossil fuel operations in the Refuge threatens wildlife, indigenous communities and the climate.

Polar bears, wolves, arctic foxes, and other wildlife are counting on us to protect their home. Urge Bank of America to stand up against destroying the Arctic Refuge!

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The Petition:

Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan:

I proudly support companies stepping up in the age of climate change and doing their part to protect America's last untouched landscapes like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. As we witness the results of a rapidly warming Arctic, it's painfully obvious that the world cannot afford to turn the Arctic Refuge into an industrialized wasteland--and banks are catching up to this reality.

Over a dozen global banks have pledged not to fund oil and gas exploration or drilling in the Arctic, including the Arctic Refuge. Recently, Goldman Sachs emerged as the first U.S. bank to do the same. Now it's your turn to step up.

The coastal plain of the Arctic Refuge is an oasis for wildlife, including arctic foxes, musk oxen, wolves, grizzly bears, and over 200 species of migratory birds. Over 75% of the coastal plain is listed critical habitat for polar bears under the Endangered Species Act and provides the most important onshore denning habitat for the world's most imperiled polar bear population. As climate change accelerates the melting of sea ice, polar bears are forced ashore to give birth and rear their cubs. It is no place for drilling.

Over 2/3 of Americans oppose drilling in the Arctic Refuge. Funding fossil fuel development in its coastal plain comes with extreme reputational risk. Pumping more emissions into the atmosphere in an already unstable region will have severe repercussions to wildlife and indigenous communities like the Gwich'in who have depended on the Refuge for generations. The Gwich'in are united in their opposition to drilling.

The Arctic Refuge must remain off limits. It's time you pledge to do your part to curb climate change and protect this fragile region and iconic landscape.

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