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Join Love & Bananas: REFUSE To Take Part In Exploitative Elephant Tourism!

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Exploiting and "breaking" endangered Asian elephants for tourism is insupportable. Help us stop it!

Endangered Asian elephants are a keystone species: many other species depend on them for survival. As Asian elephants migrate and carve a path through the jungle, they repopulate and redistribute jungle species, and provide food and shelter for a myriad of animals. Elephants are even linked to helping fight climate change!

Well, now it's time to help the Asian elephant!

Right now, thousands of elephants — including babies — are held captive in elephant tourist attractions, parks, even "sanctuaries" across Asia. The elephants are beaten into submission when they're young through a process known as the "crush box" and forced to let travelers take rides on their backs and to perform tricks that are often painful, including walking on tightropes, balancing on two legs, and dancing, as well as painting and playing ball games.

Love & Bananas is inspiring people all over the world to stop supporting the use of captive elephants as entertainment.

Actress and Director Ashley Bell and all of us at Love & Bananas want you to join us. Sign the pledge to STOP elephant suffering in the name of entertainment!

And then... tell your friends! The key to saving this species is education, so spread the word!

Love & Bananas, GreaterGood, Ashley Bell, and Lek Chailert are fighting as one to protect Asian elephants from exploitation and cruelty. Noi Na, the 70-year-old, partially blind elephant featured in the extraordinary Love & Bananas documentary, is safe. There are thousands who still need help. Sivilai is one - a young captive elephant with an untreated broken leg who is still being used for work and breeding.

Together, We Can Save Her. »

"You don't need a bull hook to control an elephant. You can guide an elephant with love -- and bananas." - Lek Chailert, Founder of Save Elephant Foundation

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The Pledge:


I pledge to NOT support entertainment or tourist activities in ANY form that inhumanely exploits elephants.

This includes refusing to engage in activities that allow the abuse of elephants to continue, such as elephant rides, circuses, purchasing elephant "paintings," paying to view elephants in confinement, and any other form of entertainment that involves inhumane treatment and abusive capture or training.

I pledge to be a humane traveler, and if visiting an elephant sanctuary I will do the research to make sure it's legitimate. And I will share with my friends and fellow travelers why this is so important.

Together, we can let elephants be elephants.

Welcome to Love & Bananas!

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