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Don't Let Trump Withdraw From The Paris Agreement

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Donald Trump wants the United States to opt out of the Paris Agreement despite the threat of environmental disaster

Climate change denier and U.S. President Donald Trump now wants to opt out of an international agreement to help protect the earth from future climate change danger.

The Paris Agreement was signed by 194 countries, all of whom agreed to help one another deal with greenhouse gas emissions mitigation. The purpose of the convention is to prevent the continued increase in global temperature, increase the world's ability to adapt to the negative impacts of current climate change, and make financial choices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

According to an interview in Scientific American by environmental law professor Michael Wara at Stanford Law, trying to opt out of the Paris Agreement after already pledging to be involved would not be "relevant legally, given the status of the agreement."

The withdrawal process from the Paris Agreement takes four years to complete. During the four-year withdrawal process, the United States would still be bound to honor its obligations under the treaty or be found in violation of international law.

If Trump gets his way and forces the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement, it would turn into an environmental disaster, on top of ruining international relationships. It will only show how unwilling our new president is to collaborate with other countries and work towards common global goals.

Speak out in support of the Paris Agreement! Tell Trump to honor our international obligations and the science that proves climate change is real!

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The Petition:

Dear President Donald Trump,

By now, everyone knows your stance on climate change, and the vast majority of the world vehemently disagrees with you. Despite the fact that 97% of climate change scientists have proven evidence of the effects of greenhouse gasses on our global climate, you still disagree.

Now you want one of the most significant countries in the world to opt out of a global agreement that would combat climate change and make the world a better place for future generations.

If you get your way again, it would not only be a disaster for the environment, but also for the global economy of the United States. No other nation would take us seriously as a country who decided to go against the world and deny proven science.

Please do not hold your citizens hostage and force us into a situation of irreparable damage to our planet. We want the world to be a safe and habitable planet for our children and the generations to come.

Keep the U.S. in the Paris Agreement and be willing to help other countries battle against a real threat.


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