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Fight Sneaky Price Hikes Behind Shrinkflation

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Corporations are quietly shrinking your products while your bills grow — support the Shrinkflation Prevention Act to stop this stealthy theft and protect your wallet!

Have you ever felt that your groceries are shrinking while your bills stay the same? You're not imagining things—this is shrinkflation, and it's quietly draining wallets across America. Companies are selling smaller amounts of products for the same or higher prices, and it's time we demand change.

Shrinkflation affects everything from your morning coffee to the snacks you love and the cleaning products you rely on. Recent reports show that essential items like household paper products have seen a shocking 10.3% price hike due to reduced sizes, while snacks have increased by 9.8%1. This subtle tactic results in significant financial strain for families trying to make ends meet.

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bob Casey have responded with the Shrinkflation Prevention Act, a legislative effort that aims to empower the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to crack down on this deceptive practice2. By defining and prosecuting shrinkflation, this act will ensure that consumers are no longer paying more for less.

But they can't do it without your help.

When companies reduce the size of their products but keep prices the same, they take more of your money for less. It's not just about smaller cookies or fewer chips; it's a broader issue of fairness and transparency in pricing. By supporting the Shrinkflation Prevention Act, we can protect our wallets and hold corporations accountable.

The Power of Legislation

This proposed bill is our chance to set things right. It extends the authority of the FTC and state attorneys general to investigate and penalize companies that engage in shrinkflation. This isn't just about regulation; it's about ensuring a fair market where honesty prevails and hardworking consumers are respected3.

Your support for this bill can make a real difference. When we stand together and demand action, lawmakers listen. Signing the petition to support the Shrinkflation Prevention Act sends a powerful message that consumers deserve transparency and value.

Take Action Now

Join us in this fight. Sign the petition today to support the Shrinkflation Prevention Act. Together, we can ensure that no family has to pay more for less ever again. It's time to hold corporations accountable and ensure a fair deal for all.

Don't let corporations quietly chip away at your purchasing power. Act now. Sign the petition and let Senators Warren and Casey know that you stand behind the Shrinkflation Prevention Act. Your signature will bring us one step closer to a market that values honesty and fairness over silent price hikes.

More on this issue:

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The Petition:

To Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bob Casey (D-Pa.),

We, the undersigned, are writing to express our strong support for the Shrinkflation Prevention Act, a crucial piece of legislation aimed at protecting consumers from the deceptive practice of shrinkflation—where manufacturers reduce the size of their products without a corresponding decrease in price, while maintaining or increasing their profit margins.

As everyday shoppers, we've observed a disturbing increase in the prices of goods, not through straightforward price hikes, but through the less noticeable method of reducing product sizes. This practice, often overlooked, significantly impacts the purchasing power of American families, making it harder to stretch budgets in already challenging economic times. From household staples like paper goods to essential groceries such as snacks and cleaning products, no category remains unaffected.

This legislation is necessary because current regulations have proven insufficient in curbing these deceptive practices. By explicitly defining and regulating shrinkflation, the Shrinkflation Prevention Act will empower the Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general to take decisive action against these unfair practices. This will not only ensure transparency and fairness in product pricing and sizing but also restore trust in consumer markets.

We believe that passing the Shrinkflation Prevention Act is a step toward a more equitable marketplace where consumers are not subtly penalized financially. Supporting and passing this bill will send a clear message that the interests of consumers are being actively protected, ensuring a better future for all Americans.


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