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Protect Vital Wildlife Corridors in Kenya

Item # 32165

Help preserve a critical conservation site in northern Kenya, and protect the creatures who make it their home!

The Samburu Heartland is located north of the equator and east of the Great Rift Valley. The Heartland provides critical habitat for the second largest elephant population in the country (approximately 3,500); for increasingly endangered northern savanna species such as the reticulated giraffe, Somali ostrich, Beisa oryx, and the gerenuk; and for rare ungulates such as black rhino and Grevy's zebra. It is widely regarded as one of the richest wildlife ecosystems outside protected areas in Kenya.

Most of the wildlife is found on private ranches, with the rest on community group ranches and in protected areas. In fact, ranches in this area hold 40% of Kenya's black rhino population.

One of these ranches, the 17,100-acre privately owned Eland Downs ranch, is ranked as one of the highest conservation priorities in the Laikipia Region. It is located between the 70,000-acre ADC Mutara Ranch (government-owned) and the 110,000-acre Ol Pejeta Ranch (owned by Ol Pejeta Conservancy). It is a critical part of a wildlife corridor extending from Mount Kenya and the Abedares north to Samburu and the Mathews Range. The property connects both ADC Mutara and Ol Pejeta to the conservation-friendly ranches to the north such as Segera and Mpala. Linking Ol Pejeta to the northern properties via Eland Downs is critical. In fact, the continued success of Ol Pejeta, ADC Mutara and other ranches to the north and south are entirely dependent upon their connection to other protected lands through the preservation of Eland Downs, but the land is under a high threat of subdivision, habitat fragmentation, and conversion to agricultural use.

The African Wildlife Foundation, in cooperation with the Kenya Land Conservation Trust, is seeking to preserve this critical link, allowing elephants, rhinos, and a vast spectrum of threatened wildlife to continue to roam, free of fences, as they have since time immemorial.

You can help. This Gift That Gives More™ preserves a tenth of an acre of threatened land in Kenya. The African Wildlife Foundation's conservation strategy seeks to include and enhance the local communities' economic livelihoods, reducing poaching and exploitation.

The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is the leading international conservation organization focused solely on Africa. For over 45 years, AWF has worked to help ensure that Africa's wild resources endure. AWF has identified eight targeted regions, or "African heartlands" -- vast stretches of land combining national parks and local villages, government lands and private lands -- into a large, cohesive conservation landscape that often spans international borders. Within the African Heartlands, AWF implements a variety of efforts that conserve land, protect species and empower people.

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