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Help Remove Landmines in Mozambique

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Help turn swords into ploughshares and reclaim killing fields from the weapons of war.

A long civil war in the eastern African nation of Mozambique finally ended in 1992, but minefields left over from the conflict plague the country to this day. Almost two decades after the end of the war, live minefields can still be found even a short distance from the capital city of Maputo, causing injury and death, and contributing to ongoing poverty.

A Mozambique deminer's job is demanding and dangerous. Deminers literally risk their lives to locate unexploded bombs and mines, and detonate them in the ground, which is safer than attempting to defuse them. At least 450 minefields remain to be cleared and returned to productive use, and without more resources, it will take many years to finish the monumental job.

You can help. $15.00 pays the salary of a deminer for one day, and $75.00 covers an entire week.

Report from the Field

September, 2011: Grants funded through this Gift That Gives More™ funded almost 1.5 months of demining, clearing approximately 875 square meters of land of potentially deadly unexploded mines and ordnance.

Demining is conducted by The HALO Trust, a not-for-profit organization that is the world's largest landmine clearance agency. With more than 8,000 staff working in thirteen war-ravaged countries, HALO clears landmines and unexploded ordnance from war-torn countries so that some of the world's most vulnerable people can plant their crops, rebuild their homes and raise their families in safety. In Mozambique, 450 local staff are currently employed to clear the country of the deadly remnants of war.

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