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Protect the Golden Poison Dart Frog

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Help empower the people of the Chocó region of Colombia to protect the critically endangered golden poison frog.

The Chocó Rainforest is biologically unique, rising from the shores of the Pacific Ocean to the high peaks of the Andes. The greatest concentration of birds, amphibians, and orchids in the world live there — including the critically endangered golden poison frog, arguably the most poisonous creature on earth, and one of the most beautiful.

The remoteness of the Chocó has saved the forest home of this tiny amphibian from destruction, but recently, the discovery of massive alluvial gold deposits has attracted a gold rush that threatens this precious habitat and all of the creatures living in it.

In May of 2001, the indigenous communities living in the Chocó Rainforest were given official land rights by the Colombian government. They want to protect their forests from exploitation forever, establishing legally designated, strict conservation areas. They hope to alleviate poverty by managing the Chocó Rainforest to create environmentally friendly businesses, ensuring a secure and sustainable future for the region's unique culture and extraordinary creatures.

You can help the people of the Chocó Rainforest protect this special habitat, saving the golden poison frog's home for all the creatures living there. Just $25 provides one week of on-the-ground training for a forest guard. $50 provides training materials, including written materials on procedures, laws, and boundary protection, as well as field supplies.

Rainforest Trust (formerly World Land Trust-US) is proud to have saved over 7 million acres of endangered habitats in 15 countries and 65 sites since its inception in 1989. Their proven conservation approach and established network of dedicated local conservation organizations allow them to identify key rainforest sites containing the last populations of endangered wildlife under imminent threat. Rainforest Trust moves swiftly to purchase and protect these biodiversity treasures permanently throughout Central and South America. Their effective model empowers indigenous communities and local partners to steward their own lands. Through this stewardship, as well as education, training, and economic stimulants like eco-tourism for the indigenous people, Rainforest Trust is ensuring the lands they save are securing a rich and more diverse future for all life on earth.

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