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Protect Cameroon's Atlantic Rainforest

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Help designate the Douala-Edea Wildlife Reserve as a national park, safeguarding 741,000 acres of coastal forest! For a limited time, a generous donor is willing to MATCH YOUR DONATION, $1 for $1! Double your impact and the difference you make to save critical rainforest and its biodiversity!

Cameroon's Douala-Edea Wildlife Reserve encompasses sandbanks, lakes, seasonal wetlands and over 74,000 acres of mangrove-covered islands. Its forests are home to African Elephants as well as threatened primates in dire need of protection like the the Nigeria-Cameroon Chimpanzee and Gabon Black Colobus Monkey. Additionally, the reserve's wetland and marine habitats are a haven for West African Manatees, Atlantic Humpback Dolphins, Lesser Flamingos and Hawksbill Sea Turtles. Despite this area's spectacular biodiversity, much of it remains unprotected and threatened by growing pressure on natural resources from nearby towns, including unsustainable poaching, fishing, plantation agriculture, petroleum exploration, and cutting of mangrove forests for fish smoking.

Rainforest Trust is working with a local partner in Cameroon to expand Douala-Edea Wildlife Reserve by 247,000 acres of marine habitat along with 98,800 acres of mangrove forests, rivers and wetlands. Additionally, the project will elevate the protected status of the entire reserve to a national park, effectively safeguarding a total of 741,000 acres, protecting this amazingly diverse ecosystem from degradation and urban growth. Monitoring and enforcement of the reserve will be strengthened by hiring and training rangers and building five strategically placed ranger stations. The new national park status and expansion of the reserve will be a huge win for Cameroon's wildlife, serving as an important new piece in a large network of protected areas along the Atlantic coast of Cameroon.

With your help we can save more of Cameroon's Atlantic Rainforest and expand protection for wildlife populations. For just $1.27 you can save 1 acre (43,560 square feet)! Every $1 you donate will be matched with $1 from an anonymous supporter.

Rainforest Trust helps to purchase and protect threatened tropical forests and critical habitat for endangered wildlife by partnering with local and community organizations in and around the threatened areas. After we safeguard the endangered land, we empower local people to help protect it by offering them education, training and employment. Through these highly effective partnerships, we can ensure sustainable results necessary for the long-term protection of tropical ecosystems and the wildlife they hold.

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